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After Inception of global positing system, tracking a vehicle or even people has become very easy, you can have a tracking device in your vehicle which will transmit its location in real time, at Private Investigators Bournemouth we are using the same system for vehicle tracking as its best available!

GPS tracking devices are being used by our private investigators in Bournemouth for cases in which vehicle monitoring is the goal, there are corporate customers who like to keep an eye on their fleet vehicles location and speed etc and similarly concerned parents who want to know if their son is driving safe or not.

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Lost your vehicle? Don't worry as our company is providing you with a Vehicle Tracking service. In which we can help you track your lost vehicle easily. Our special team with all the latest equipment will locate your vehicle and get it back for you. Our company is one of the best vehicle tracking companies that are available. We make sure that our clients can move around easily without the worry of losing their vehicle. You can contact our company and can get small devices that can be installed in your cars by our staff and we can trace the car if stolen. It is our responsibility to make sure that our client's car is in a safe place and is with him. You can call us to give us a chance to ensure your car's safety. We will try our best to keep a track of your car and get it back to you if stolen.

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Vehicle Tracking in Bournemouth

We were contacted by an individual who was concerned by the amount he was having to pay out for his employee's petrol costs. As a self-employed individual working in construction the client handled his own finances and was very conscious of the company's outgoings and this included those regarding the company vehicles and the employee travel costs. Recently it was in these areas that the individual had noticed excessive costs for petrol that was being claimed by one individual in particular and so we were asked to investigate. Once the client had come to us at Private Investigator Bournemouth this investigation was fairly simple to begin as the individual and vehicle were already identified and known. After consulting with the client on the route that the investigation would take it was decided that GPS tracking would provide the most immediate and accurate results for the case. After a small and discreet tracking device was attached to the underneath of the individual's vehicle the investigation was underway. It was soon observed that the individual had been claiming travel costs for almost double the distance that he was having to travel to reach certain jobs and as a result was costing the company twice as much as he should have done to employ.

We presented the client with a full report of all the evidence gathered of the individual's activities which included both video and photographic evidence. Following the investigation the client confronted his employee on the claims against him and his behaviour. Though he was a good worker the client just could not trust him again and so he was let go.