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In an ideal world you would never have to leave your employees to their own devices. Our employee monitoring in Bournemouth private investigators can help you to stop wondering what they might be getting up to when you aren't there. Our Bournemouth private investigations team can show you which employees are actually working and who is stopping others from working.

The Bournemouth employee monitoring team know that many businesses lose valuable money and time due to unproductive employees. This can mean the difference between success or failure. When you are out finding new contracts to keep them in work it is vitally important that you know that your employees are working to earn the money you are paying them. With our employee monitoring in Bournemouth experience to back this up we know there are many ways your employees are costing you money. Let us be your private eye.

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Bournemouth Employee Monitoring

A previously prolific salesman seemed to have lost the ability to sell but he was still able to carry on with his lavish lifestyle. Concerned for the company profits, the managing director called our private investigators in Bournemouth to find out exactly what the options were. Specialising in employee monitoring in Bournemouth our private investigations team decided that surveillance was the way forward. This was achieved by way of monitoring the target's movements during the course of the working week. Our Bournemouth investigations team soon established a very worrying pattern and decided to set up a fake meeting with the salesman. At this meeting a sale was made but the goods purchased were to be supplied by a rival company. The MD had been right to worry, his top salesman was stealing his customers.

Employee Monitoring in Bournemouth

A Client of Private Investigators Bournemouth is a CEO at a stationary company who needs to find out who is stealing his stock. At first the client believed that it was kids who were just mucking around, however, after the third time the warehouse was robbed he knew it was not them. The client told our private investigation agency that he needs to stop whoever is stealing the stock quickly and cheaply as the business can't take it for much longer and could go bust. We told the client that we would be able to install covert cameras into the warehouse. These cameras would be able to pick up any movement in the warehouse ensuring that if there is a thief he will be caught. The client has a security guard but believes that he might help people in rather than out. The client will have to inform is staff that the cameras are their but he can be discrete.

The client decided to lock up the business by himself at the end of the day and hoped that the thieves would get caught on tape. That night the covert cameras were able to identify that there was someone steeling the sock from the warehouse, they were loading it onto a truck that was parked on the loading bay of the warehouse with the security guard driving it. The cameras were able to see that the thief was the client's brother who wanted to have his business as it was the best within the family. The client's business was very busy and thriving before his brother decided to steal the stock. When our private detectives in Bournemouth told the client he was outraged and couldn't believe it. He thought it would be best to press charges towards his brother, as this time he had gone too far. The client's business is now up and running again with the same busyness as before the stealing. The security guard was fired and our client pressed charges against him.