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Static and mobile are two basic methods of surveillance, in first one , our investigator installs hidden camera to capture footage of subject while in other one two of our designated investigator follow the subject where ever he goes to capture and monitor all his action and logs everything.

Private Investigators Bournemouth remained phenomenal throughout past 25 years in surveillance investigations, it's one of our best service our huge experience can help you in achieving desired results, we will assign you competent, friendly and helpful private investigators who will assist you with any surveillance case and subject.

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If you need the monitoring of a person or a group's activities, events, facts, usually of people for working, leading, or guarding them. We have the world best Surveillance services for you with an experience of a number of years. We are there to help you monitor activities that are happening in your surroundings. We offer different ways to complete our job of recording the activities. Our services include social network analysis, identification etc. All you have to do is to contact our investigation team by calling at the contact number provided. We with the help of our private investigators will ensure that whatever you are monitoring is monitored correctly and have a proper recording of all the events taking place. No matter where are we located we will travel any place for you to help you deal with your problems.

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Surveillance in Bournemouth

A young woman came to us with the suspicion that her boyfriend of seven months was seeing another woman. Before contacting Private Investigators Bournemouth the client had had these doubts in her relationship for some time but had taken no action. Recently however she had noticed a remarkable change in character and schedule which had aroused her suspicions heightened by some local rumours she had been hearing. To begin the investigation an operative consulted with the client and established in more detail the changes that she had noticed take place in her husband and a pattern was discovered in the absences that had taken place. After the consultation it was decided that the best course of action would be to proceed with surveillance in the periods of absence according to the pattern that had been identified by the client. Operatives followed the target using mobile surveillance and recorded him enter a nearby residential area where he proceeded to enter a family home. Whilst inside the target interacted with the family inside who appeared very familiar with the individual. The target stayed in the property for several hours before returning home to the client following the pattern that the client had described previously.

We presented the client with a full report which included video and photographic evidence of her partner interacting with the family over several sessions. Once the client questioned her boyfriend it became apparent that he had been lying to her for the seven months that they had been together and had a young family from a past relationship that he had failed to tell her about. Following the investigation the client broke off the relationship because she had been lied to.