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Matrimonial Investigations Bournemouth

Are you desperate to know the truth? Matrimonial Investigations in Bournemouth are the company to call. Working to find out the truth about whether your partner is cheating or not, Bournemouth investigators will leave no stone unturned. We have over 25 years experience as a private detective agency and always work discreetly.

Our private investigators use state of the art technology which allows us to quietly and carefully investigate your partner or spouse. Bournemouth Matrimonial Investigations work tirelessly to get to the bottom of your anxieties. Isn't it time you got the control back in your life? Hiring a private investigator in Bournemouth is the first step.

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Bournemouth Matrimonial Investigations

A client of Private Investigators Bournemouth is a concerned woman who wants to know if her estranged husband is living with another woman. The client told the most premiere detective agency Bournemouth has to hire that she first suspected that he was living with another woman when a mutual friend, who the client's husband was living with, said that he had moved out into a nice new house where he could finally live with...he paused and quickly changed the subject when he didn't want to give anything away. When the client went to talk to her estranged husband she went to his house and it looked like a man and woman where living there, it had pink jackets on the side and women's shoes, the living room had female magazines and the bathroom contained female toiletries. The client asked her estranged husband if he was or wasn't living with someone, the client's estranged husband just denied everything and said the objects where his sister's.

Matrimonial Investigations in Bournemouth

Our private investigators detectives told the client that we could organize three periods of six hour surveillance with our highly trained private investigators. There needed to be three sessions because that is the required amount needed to prove to the court that someone else is living in her husband's resident with him. This surveillance would result in knowing if the clients estranged husband was committing adultery and cohabitating with another woman. The private detectives would produce photographic proof, video evidence and a full written report that contained the deep detailed dates, times and actions which happen at the estranged husband's residence. However nerve racking the secrecy the client was told that in our option do not tell anyone about the surveillance and what she is doing because it will just compromise the investigation if word leaked out, her estranged husband and possible residential partner laid a low profile during the rest of the surveillance to avoid getting caught.

The client was overjoyed that Private Investigators Bournemouth were able to help her prove cohabitation. She agreed that the surveillance for three periods of six hour surveillance with two of are highly trained Bournemouth private investigators was the best solution. The first session of surveillance had a woman entering the client's husband's property for several hours doing what looked like she was having a normal day, did the house work and walked the dog. The next day the second session of six hours surveillance started, the client's estrange husband and his girlfriend seemed to have gone to a retail shop. They returned with all sorts of pieces of furniture and began to build the flat packs and arrange the home ware. The third and final day the client wanted a night session, the client's husband and the mystery woman went out for dinner, halfway through the night the client's husband proposed to the woman. The report was filed and given to the client who was pleased but outraged that he would propose to another woman while still married to her, the client and her husband were only estranged for three weeks so he must have been seeing the mystery woman when they were together.