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Bournemouth Fraud Investigations are here to help you find the truth. Have you been party to a scam, duped into giving away some money and heard no more? Bournemouth detectives know that you are not alone and have seen a vast increase in the work their private investigation agency are carrying out. Fraud investigations in Bournemouth are a phone call away.

Investigating fraud is complicated for an individual to investigate. Our fraud investigations in Bournemouth know that it is becoming harder to prove that fraud was committed intentionally to commit fraud in the first place. The private investigators detectives in our Bournemouth team have the experience behind them to uncover the perpetrators. We know how to solve these problems. Contact Fraud Investigations Bournemouth if fraud is costing you money and time.

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One of Bournemouth detectives family was duped into parting with some money and has received nothing in return. Keen to be independent and earn a little pin money of her own, Carrie answered an ad to be part of a business that allowed her to work from home. With her association with our private investigation agency in Bournemouth, Carrie did some background work of her own and her initial attempts at playing private eye didn't uncover anything to arouse her suspicions. The deposit of �1500 would be refunded in full at anytime and the people who gave letters of recommendation did exist because she spoke to them. Our private investigations uncovered that they in fact were part of the scam and another example of the increased sophistication being used. These too good to be true opportunities are on the increase. Buyer beware.

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Fraud Investigations in Bournemouth

Private Investigators Bournemouth was contacted by a woman who had been noticing that someone at work had been copying data from her computer and making it out that it was theirs. Our client needed help working out how her colleague was able steal her work when there were lots of passwords and security on her computer. The client also explained to our Bournemouth investigator that her boss had been saying that she needs to get on with her work and actually produce something otherwise she would be let go. At this point she decided that hiring a private investigator would help her to gain peace of mind. This news had scared our client to death, so much so that it was making her lose sleep due to the amount of stress that she was under. We reassured the client that our detective agency would do everything in our power to find the answers for her to save her from being fired and to help her be able to move on and get on with her work.

Our Private Investigators Bournemouth told the client that we could help her by forensically testing her work computer, with the permission of her employee, to see if we could find anything to show us how the client's colleague was capable of stealing her work. We also suggested to the client that she ask her employer to install anti-spy software and anti-virus software onto her computer to increase the security of her data. After talking to our client we found out exactly what she expected from costs involved to the investigation results, we were then able to start our work finding her the answers she needed. Once our private investigators in Bournemouth, UK, had come to an end with the investigation, we had been able to find out that the clients colleague had installed spyware onto her work PC which allowed her colleague to copy all the data off of her computer. We then were able to delete the software from the client's computer and hand over the evidence to the client's boss who then fired the client's colleague for her dishonest and fraudulent behaviour.